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Getting a heard start on the next Red Cross Rocks benefit!

Posted by DK on October 21, 2010 at 2:19 AM Comments comments (0)

Red Cross Rocks is planning to do another benefit in the near future. It never hurts to start planning now. If your a band who wants to participate in the next RED CROSS ROCKS benefit, don't hesitate to drop us a note now. Last year we had so many volunteer that we were forced to cut the list shorter. The sooner to contact us, the better chances of playing.:D 

This year the goal is bigger and better. All kinds of volunteers are welcome.





DJ's and more....

A lot will be underway soon. Getting a good head start on it now. If you want to volunteer for the next Red Cross Rocks event...please contact us soon.



DKP to Sponsor Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition!

Posted by DK on August 3, 2010 at 4:29 AM Comments comments (0)

DKP is sponsoring the Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition April 15th,16th,17th 2011!!

Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition 2011 is Oklahoma's first annual Steampunk Exposition! Website for this event is TBA, however, they are excepting applications for Staff, Volunteers and Sponsor's.

To apply for any of these positions please e-mail the following for a application:

  [email protected]

The Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition will be held at:

The Stone Garden Hotel

It is highly recommended that you reserve your rooms now as rooms are booking fast.

RCR was a Success!!!!

Posted by DK on May 29, 2010 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Red Cross Rocks. Helping those who help benefit was a success!! Wanted to take the time to make some serious shout outs!!

Major shout outs to my DKP Staff: without you guys just no way couldthings have gone as smoothly as they did. Ninja, I hope you had a blastfor your birthday. I appreciate that you busted your ass off on yourbirthday for us.

Major shout out to VJ Novachild aka Bruce of The living Machine: Babe,You were amazing and a major support for me throughout this entire thing. Thank you for not only staying by my side during the entire planning phases, as well as handling the drama at the blue dome. But your flier design and printing was amazing. I had alot of fun getting to know you better.  Also, thank your friend William for me. I dont have him on my friends list, but pass along to him that I appreciate EVERYTHING he did last night as well.

Another major shout out needs to go to: Axis for bringing his sound equipment on such a short notice and allowing everyone to use his gear.Next time we will plan ahead of time on ideas of how to keep yourequipment cooled from the heat.

Shout out also goes to DJ Loky for being as patient as you were throughout the mess last night. I also appreciate you bringing the other DJ's.I really liked the music you played last night as well.

Also, all the amazing bands, KickTree, Physiques,Madewell, Street light hero, The Living Machines, Heresy Theory, Axis,Ill Fated and Motive for Movement: gets to have a shout out because without allof your this event could never have happened. You all were amazing,sounded great and it was fun getting to know those who I didn't know aswell as great to see the ones I have, but havnt seen in a while.

Everyone associated with the Red Cross who was in attendance, thank youfor your support and for allowing me to do this event. Also thank youfor the award given to me on stage.

Thanks to Under the Gun, for allowing us to merge and share the fun with your crowd and your talents.

Thank you to everyone who busted their asses off to help me solve thedisaster with the Blue Dome. I nearly lost it, but with all your help Iwas able to buckle down and get it solved.

And last but not least a HUUUUGGGEEE THANK YOU to Utopia Club for taking us in with open arms at the last second.

OK, hope I didnt miss anyone. If I did "Thanks " to you as well!

I hope that I will get the pleasure to working with you all again soon!(Hopefully, the next time will be under better circumstances)

Much Love to all!


Darkkitty Productions



Posted by DK on May 13, 2010 at 10:37 AM Comments comments (0)

The latest about the RED CROSS ROCKS BENEFIT show!

Its coming together rather nicely and I am personally looking forward to this event! I have some amazing bands on board, generous sponsors, visuals, raffle prizes and more going into this!

If you would like to purchase a pre-sale ticket from sure to contact me or one of the bands on the bill asap! Pre-sale tickets are $8.00 or you can pay $10.00 at the door! All proceeds go to the American Red Cross to help them continue aiding disaster victims everywhere! Please show your support and come out to see an amazing show & have a chance to win some pretty neat stuff from the raffle!


Posted by DK on April 4, 2010 at 12:34 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you know that for nearly 150 years, the mission of the American Red Cross has centered on helping our communities prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies? Now that mission is more important and more relevant than ever. Whether the American Red Cross is responding to a house fire or preparing a child to survive an emergency, their organization is saving lives, comforting those in need and bringing peace of mind to families. Best of all, much of this work is done by people who donate their time and talent to the cause. When you think about it, a volunteer organization like the American Red Cross is really a treasure to our community.

With all the help they provide did you ever stop to think who is helping those who help? That is one of the reasons why I, Darkkitty of Darkkitty Productions has stepped forward to help raise funds for the American Red Cross. I have chosen to serve in their HERO'S for the American Red Cross Campaign. Donating my time and efforts to raise money to help those who help!

HEROES of American Red Cross donations at work:
Did you know for every 1,000 dollar your money can touch the lives of families in many different ways. Here are just a few ways $1,000 can help your community:

$1,000 will provide 571 comfort kits of toiletries for disasters victims who have lost their homes.

$1,000 will provide 198 blankets or 37 cots for disaster victims who must spend the night in a shelter.

$1,000 will provide clean up kits for 56 families who have flood or storm damage to their homes.

$1,000 will provide groceries for up to 20 disaster victims.

$1,000 with provide shoes and clothing for 2 families (of four) who lost their home to a fire or natural disaster.

$1,000 will provide bedding supplies and linens for 4 families (of four) who lost their home to a fire or natural disaster.

$1,000 will provide roof repairs for 2 storm damaged homes.

$1,000 will provide 11,750 disaster preparedness brochures for your community so local citizens can learn how to create a family disaster plan or build a disaster supply kit.

$1,000 will provide the "Masters of Disaster" disaster preparedness course for 28 elementary or middle school classrooms so children understand how to stay safe in an emergency.

So as you can see...your donations can go really far.

I am still in need of Sponsors and Donations to help me make this benefit show happen!

I need to raise $300.00 to pay the holding fee with the Blue Dome in Tulsa where the
RED CROSS ROCKS benefit show will be held May 28th, 2010!!
Featuring bands & DJ's of all genres who are coming together for a great cause!
There will be some raffles prizes presented that night as well. Some of the stuff to be won is some awesome comfort blankets and such from the American Red Cross and more prizes TBA!


Below is the paypal button where you can donate towards Red Cross Rocks & American Red Cross





Posted by DK on April 4, 2010 at 12:27 AM Comments comments (0)


We are working on putting together a show called RED CROSS ROCKS benefiting the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is very low on funds and with the world tragedies on a rise..there's no better time to come together to Help those that Help!


We now how a confirmed venue and date for this event!!!

Event: RED CROSS ROCKS; A benefit for the American Red Cross

Location: Blue Dome

Date: May 28th 2010

more show details TBA

Want to get involved?


We are in need of supporters, sponsors, donations and more!

Would you like to donate towards "Red Cross Rocks"? Simply click the donations button below and send in a donation. We need to raise $300.00 to pay the holding fee at the venue and any leftover will go straight to The American Red Cross.

We will be holding several raffles throughout the event. American Red Cross is donating some awesome items to be won in the raffles. We also need more prize items for some of the raffles. So if you have something for that..your more than welcome to donate to that as well.

For more information
you can contact me

 [email protected].

You can also contact American Red Cross at 918-343-1803
or visit








DKP is planning to serve in the American Red Cross HERO's Campaign again in 2011. We will once again be   putting together a benefit show for the American Red Cross

(RED CROSS ROCKS was a great success 2010, it can only get better!)

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