RCR was a Success!!!!

Posted by DK on May 29, 2010 at 3:05 PM

Red Cross Rocks. Helping those who help benefit was a success!! Wanted to take the time to make some serious shout outs!!

Major shout outs to my DKP Staff: without you guys just no way couldthings have gone as smoothly as they did. Ninja, I hope you had a blastfor your birthday. I appreciate that you busted your ass off on yourbirthday for us.

Major shout out to VJ Novachild aka Bruce of The living Machine: Babe,You were amazing and a major support for me throughout this entire thing. Thank you for not only staying by my side during the entire planning phases, as well as handling the drama at the blue dome. But your flier design and printing was amazing. I had alot of fun getting to know you better.  Also, thank your friend William for me. I dont have him on my friends list, but pass along to him that I appreciate EVERYTHING he did last night as well.

Another major shout out needs to go to: Axis for bringing his sound equipment on such a short notice and allowing everyone to use his gear.Next time we will plan ahead of time on ideas of how to keep yourequipment cooled from the heat.

Shout out also goes to DJ Loky for being as patient as you were throughout the mess last night. I also appreciate you bringing the other DJ's.I really liked the music you played last night as well.

Also, all the amazing bands, KickTree, Physiques,Madewell, Street light hero, The Living Machines, Heresy Theory, Axis,Ill Fated and Motive for Movement: gets to have a shout out because without allof your this event could never have happened. You all were amazing,sounded great and it was fun getting to know those who I didn't know aswell as great to see the ones I have, but havnt seen in a while.

Everyone associated with the Red Cross who was in attendance, thank youfor your support and for allowing me to do this event. Also thank youfor the award given to me on stage.

Thanks to Under the Gun, for allowing us to merge and share the fun with your crowd and your talents.

Thank you to everyone who busted their asses off to help me solve thedisaster with the Blue Dome. I nearly lost it, but with all your help Iwas able to buckle down and get it solved.

And last but not least a HUUUUGGGEEE THANK YOU to Utopia Club for taking us in with open arms at the last second.

OK, hope I didnt miss anyone. If I did "Thanks " to you as well!

I hope that I will get the pleasure to working with you all again soon!(Hopefully, the next time will be under better circumstances)

Much Love to all!


Darkkitty Productions


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DKP is planning to serve in the American Red Cross HERO's Campaign again in 2011. We will once again be   putting together a benefit show for the American Red Cross

(RED CROSS ROCKS was a great success 2010, it can only get better!)

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