To all the bands/artists and more that I have ever worked with. I need your help!

Idlike to hear some more feedback from you. I, Dk of Darkkitty Productions is always striving to improve in order to give each band/artist that I work with the most for their work they do for me.

In order for me to accomplish this goal I need to hear from you guys! If you could...please respond to this blog with how you feel bout your experience with working with DK of Darkkitty Productions. Not only tohelp me improve or what not for future shows but to help otherinterested performers choose whether or not to work with me. I may evenpost some of my favorites on my profile page itself! So....

Heres some questions..Please post about any questions, concerns or thoughts and/or IDEAS of how I can improve. and of course if you wanna flatter me..id like to hear that too! ROFL!

Again,Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you..and if I hadnt worked with you yet..I thank you in advance for your consideration.


DK of Darkkitty Productions.



Quotes We appreciated the interest you took in making the bands comfortable with the event. Assuring us of the schedule and thanks for being there. It's one thing to come to a show and just be told to place our gear in the back and we will get our turn when its out turn...So it was a refresher to have some professionalism for a change. Even with the set times for Sever the Feeling and ourselves getting cut down abit due to whatever reasons..We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. And we look forward to possible future shows with DK Productions. Quotes

Quotes We've never worked with a promoter that was so intent to help the bands with everything we needed. DK Productions is stretching to get new goth/electro/industrial into areas they have never seen light before, while still having time to keep all of the bands completely up-to-date with everything that is going on with the show.We can't wait to work with you again!! We even got a setup/band informative flier!!!! Quotes

DKP is planning to serve in the American Red Cross HERO's Campaign again in 2011. We will once again be   putting together a benefit show for the American Red Cross

(RED CROSS ROCKS was a great success 2010, it can only get better!)

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