Dayna aka Darkkitty (DK)-Owner, Promotions

Proud owner of Darkkitty Productions

Also is known for her role as the Co-founder/Co-star with the popular Sideshow Known as the Carnival of Cleavage. She can also be found performing under another stage name as "Preema Prime" in another variety show known as the Oh No! Variety Show. 

More info on Carnival of Cleavage visit:

Website for Oh No! Variety Show coming soon.

Allen Dotson aka Black Sheep-Asst.

 Allen Dotson aka Black Sheep is not only a good friend of DK's but has many talents in the music industry including his great knowlege of Sound/stage tech but is also known as a great musician in the Industrial/goth group known as Heresy Theory. 

More info on Heresy Theory visit:

Kathy aka Penny Pistol-2nd Asst., floater

Kathy aka Penny Pistol is another crew member of many talents. She not only works with DK in Darkkitty Productions but also works the merch booth, assists in DK's make up and more for the Carnival of Cleavage. She is also seen with the Gypsy Queens (GQ's)

For more info on the Gypsy Queens visit: 

Bobby C-floater, advert

Currently seen at both events of DKP & Carnival of Cleavage, Bobby tends to help in all areas of both of these events.

Huggy Bear- Head Security

 known as a LONG TIME friend of DK's, Huggy Bear has been   seen at clubs & parties keeping that special watchful eye on DK herself. 

Crystal M- Photography

Another long time friend of DK's Crystal sometimes assists in photography at the DKP shows when needed. She is also happily married to Huggy bear.

Ninja-Security, floater

 Ninja is often seen at both events of DKP & Carnival of Cleavage. He assists in many aspects of these including, running door, merch, runner and security.

DKP is planning to serve in the American Red Cross HERO's Campaign again in 2011. We will once again be   putting together a benefit show for the American Red Cross

(RED CROSS ROCKS was a great success 2010, it can only get better!)

2010 flyer

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