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The following are questions frequently asked.

if you have a question that is not covered here, Feel free to contact us.

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 Who is the owner of Darkkitty Productions?

Dayna VanHauen aka Darkkitty (DK)

What kind of events do you book?

I book pretty much any kind of event whether it be a night full of bands, sideshows, festivals, benefit shows and more.

I am part of a band and we want to be booked, how do we do this?

Easy! just use the contact page or you can e-mail DK directly through darkkittyproductions@yahoo.com

 Are you the same Darkkitty that is in the Sideshow known as

Carnival of Cleavage?

Why yes, yes I am :D  If your interested in more info or how to book the C.o.C. visit carnivalofcleavage.com


DKP is planning to serve in the American Red Cross HERO's Campaign again in 2011. We will once again be   putting together a benefit show for the American Red Cross

(RED CROSS ROCKS was a great success 2010, it can only get better!)

2010 flyer

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